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Wouldn't you like to have a few extra bucks in your pocket? If you have a basement, or attic filled with unwanted items or vintage clothing, you may be able to sell them on consignment via Townie Vintage.


Your consignment needs to fit the character of the shop, meaning it should be a repurposed item or otherwise industrial, architectural salvage, vintage or antique. You can call us at 319-215-2088 for the best time to bring your items for consideration.

Clear Out Your Attic and Make Some Extra Cash

Avoid the hassle of trying to sell your stuff

If you're trying to unload some items, we might be able to help. You should know, however, that most typical items consigned will remain on the floor for sale for 90 days. If your items don't sell, you can simply pick them before your time is up. You can also make arrangements for them to be donated if you don't want unsold items back.


As a consignor, you can make 60% of the sale price of your item with no additional fees. You would receive a monthly check for items that sold the previous month.

Earn Extra Money by Selling Your Used Items

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